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Are you looking to take the first steps into the world of giclée print but don’t know where to start? Are there lots of questions buzzing around in your head that you just haven’t got time to trawl through the internet to find the answers for? Let our very own author Gary P Jeffrey guide you through the process from start to finish, answering the questions that he’s collated from his 14 years in the giclée print world, providing high quality fine art prints for artists and photographers

  • Should I have my work reproduced as giclée prints?
  • How do I find my ideal print partner?
  • What media can giclée prints be produced on?
  • Do I sell limited or open edition prints?
  • How do I present my prints for sale?
  • How do I price my prints for sale?

All the above questions, and many more are answered between the covers of “Van Gogh Died Broke (but you don’t have to).

"For any artist that is considering having giclée prints made of their work, this is a must read” - Helen Wiseman, Artist

From the back cover:

Vincent Van Gogh died an almost undiscovered talent with a wealth of canvasses and no money in the bank. As a professional artist, or photographer, there is no need for you to travel the same path. With the technology of giclée printing, and the skill and knowledge of the author, you can make your art reward you in ways beyond the pictures in the frame. Whether beginner or experienced hand this book has the answers for you.

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