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Given how much we enjoy working with people like you, we’ve realised that we would like to work with more people like you . . .
And we were wondering if you could help to make this happen?

Is there anyone that you know that would benefit from using our fine art print and framing services?
If so, we’d love to talk to them.

So if you can think of anyone, all we need you to do is fill out the form on this page and provide us with the details of your contact and how best to contact them, alternatively give us a call on 01223 834411 and tell us all about your talented artist friend.

In return for your help we will send you a voucher for a 10% discount of your next order with us. We’ll also send the person you’ve just referred to us a 10% discount voucher off their first order with us.

There’s more . . . !! for every person that you refer to us who uses our services we’ll say “Thank You” to you with a £10 store voucher!

Sound like a plan?

So go on, fill in the form on this page and start reaping the rewards of working with us here at PhotoArt GB . . . it’s a win win couple of minutes of your time.


Please fill in the form below with contact details for you and your friend.


About Us

photoArt GB was established in 2005 by Gary Jeffrey and Bob Law, the GB in photoArt GB!
With many years experience of image handling gained in the traditional photographic darkrooms behind them, Gary and Bob have transferred their knowledge and skills to the digital arena. photoArt GB prides itself in the level of personal friendly service provided, and we're always happy to talk through your specific requirements with you, tailoring our services to each individual clients needs.

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