Giclée Printing Information

prints (Pronounced Jhee-clay) are high quality fine art prints made using archival quality pigmented inks on acid free pH neutral art papers and canvas. Using our years of experience and attention to detail we at photoArt GB maintain an enviable position of quality in the faithful reproduction of limited edition Giclée prints from our growing base of talented artists. Starting with the scanning or photography of the art original we ensure that the origination is of the highest quality to guarantee that the prints are a faithful representation of the original. The prints are made on professional quality inkjet machines using ultra chrome pigment inks which have archival longevity of 75+ years when kept in optimal viewing conditions. Using knowledge gained with a combined 70+ years of experience in the photography and printing profession together with our commitment to ensuring the best reproduction possible from original art is one of the reasons why the reputation of photoArt GB continues to grow from strength to strength.
For prints to carry the designation of Giclée the majority of papers we use are in excess of 300 gsm and non are less than 250 gsm, all are to museum archival standard. The canvas provided for giclée is 100% cotton and is to museum archival standards. To ensure the best colour accuracy all devices used in the reproduction and printing workflow are colour calibrated and use icc profiles to ensure confident colour accuracy. Artists proofs are supplied in all cases before the final prints are made and all print files are archived by
photoArt GB with the file copies freely available to the artist. Web versions of the print files are also freely supplied should they be requested. Like to know more? Then download our free artists guide to Giclée printing here.

About Us

photoArt GB was established in 2005 by Gary Jeffrey and Bob Law, the GB in photoArt GB!
With many years experience of image handling gained in the traditional photographic darkrooms behind them, Gary and Bob have transferred their knowledge and skills to the digital arena. photoArt GB prides itself in the level of personal friendly service provided, and we're always happy to talk through your specific requirements with you, tailoring our services to each individual clients needs.

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