Are there set up costs involved in having giclée prints?

Yes there are set up costs involved, but these should only apply the first time tat you have a particular image printed.

If, for example you take your original piece of artwork in to your chosen print partner to have it scanned or photographed then there will be a scanning/photography and proofing charge. Once the proof is made and you are happy with it then any correction is locked in to the file and the next time you want a print making the file can just be selected by your print partner and printed for yiou, no need to proof each time you have another print.

If you supply your own file for printing then your print partner will charge you for making a proof to make sure that you are happy with colours, density and the quality of the image. Again, all of correction info will be locked in to your file meaning that no more set up costs would be involved in making further prints in a month, 6 months or even a couple of years time.

The only time that further set up / proofing costs might be incurred is if you were to alter the paper or canvas that you are having your prints made on, then a proof may be required to check that colours etc remain the same on the newly chosen substrate.

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