How do I know if giclée prints of my art will sell?

The best place to start is to do some research by looking at online galleries, take a look at their best sellers lists, you'll get an instant grasp on the styles that are popular at the moment. Although the world wide web can be a daunting place to start researching, after all there's thousands of artists and gallery websites out there all trying to grab peoples attention, it will quite quickly give you a feel for current trends.

Talk to other artists, especially ones that already offer giclée prints for sale and see what has worked, and perhaps more importantly what has not worked, for them. You may well end up getting some nuggets of information and even some great marketing tips from them.

Take some time to walk around commercial galleries, there's many out there. From the large chains of galleries to the smaller independent galleries. No need to take your work around with you to start with. Just take a stroll around galleries to see what kind of work they offer, get a feel for the galleries before approaching them with any work. Try different towns and cities, different regions may cater for different styles of art. Some art galleries will only sell original work, others will already be selling prints, some will sell framed prints, some will sell prints in aperture mounts without frames.

Research is your greatest friend for this big question.

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