Can a giclée print be printed at different sizes?

Yes is the basic answer to this. Most artists rarely, if ever, have their work printed larger than the original. Obviously there are times when this may be ended, but in general prints are made at the same size or smaller than the original piece. If the prints are to be larger than the original then this just be taken in to consideration at the scanning stage, as a larger scan would have to be made to enable the original work to be printed bigger.

If you are offering your prints as limited editions then the available size(s) must be determined before the print run starts, as the sizing information needs to appear on the Certificates of Authenticity and as a limited edition it can't be changed during the print run. The best advice on a limited edition print run would be to stick to one size and on one paper or canvas type.

When ordering different sized prints always take the aspect ratio in to consideration, for example a square original can not be made in to a 20" x 16" print without some heavy cropping! The best thing to do, if you are not sure is to talk to your print partner for advice. Always give clear sizing instructions when ordering a giclée print… 'Half Size' is not really a sufficient way to order a print and can cause much confusion, always be clear and concise when ordering the size of you prints.

Bear in mind, that if your print is offered as an open edition then the only limit to the soils that you can offer are the quality of the digital file and the size of your print partners printer.

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