Can a canvas print be classed as a giclée print?

To put it simply yes it can.

There are different grades of canvas available from most print partners. Many High Street printers will use a lower grader canvas, suitable for displaying holiday pictures on that will be replaced in a few years. However, a high quality fine art printer will use a cotton based canvas which is classed as a giclée substrate and will also give the end user the benefits of the longevity of a giclée print.

Once the canvas has been printed it can be stretched over a variety of depths of stretcher bar. You can choose to have the image wrap around the bars, have a plain white canvas wrap, mirror the image on the wrap or sample a colour from the image as the wrap. All options are effective, but different images lend themselves to the different options. The finished and stretched canvas should have a giclée varnish applied, these are usually available in different finishes of matt, satin and gloss. The varnish is advisable as it helps protect the canvas from UV light, helps to protect the surface from abrasion and also enables the canvas to be wiped over with a soft damp cloth (very handy when there are sticky little fingers about the house!), all of which will help to prolong the life of the canvas.

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