We're hoping to make a difference this Christmas.

We are very pleased to announce our first ever Christmas Appeal, something that we hope will become an annual event here at photoART GB.

We have teamed up with Cambridgeshire Social Care and have set up a Just Giving web page to collect money to buy underprivileged children and children going through a tough time, Christmas Selection Boxes. Every penny that is donated will go towards brightening up a child's Christmas, and that really can't be a bad thing can it?

Just Giving

Our friends at Cambridgeshire Social Care had the following to say...

"Social care and other agencies work are committed to working with and supporting families to make sure their children are safe, healthy and enjoy similar life experiences as other children. As part of the hard work and commitment to providing high quality social work practice for the children and families in Cambridgeshire the support by local communities and businesses makes a huge difference to providing some basic necessities that may be we all take for granted in family life: this is why we sincerely appreciate any assistance you are able to give and with your kind and generous donations will support and benefit the families we work with

In the county council, as you may be aware, we are in the midst of facing unprecedented times with the challenges of austerity being experienced across the country. Here in Cambridgeshire we have a rapidly growing population, it is an attractive place to live, work and bring up families.

In Children’s Social Care, we are working with children and their families with a range of needs in their daily lives. For many this is a temporary crisis resulting from various life events and circumstances which destabilise the way the family behave and look after each other and those people around them.

Whilst families in the main do not welcome social workers in to their lives, we do achieve positive change with many of them and these families either close or are referred to other agencies. Despite the need for interventions, building respectful relationships with parents, carers, children and wider families and friends is vital to our work. We are very mindful that some families are affected by poverty, debts, unemployment, low income, which may impact on their ability to prioritise day to day living needs."

Just Giving

If you would like to help us in our quest to raise £250 to buy some much need Christmas cheer in the shape of chocolate Christmas Selection Boxes then simply click on this link which will take you directly to our Just Giving page. Hopefully we can make a small difference to some children that are not having the best of times this Christmas.

On behalf of the children that will receive a Selection Box we thank you.

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