HIgh Resolution professional scanning of your artworks.

Exceptional quality & colour rendition from original artworks, including stretched canvas originals, up to 30" x 40".

We have
vast experience of scanning finished artwork for reproduction purposes (see our Fine Art Giclee Print section). We scan the majority of supplied artwork as the file sizes are far bigger and detail reproduced from the scan is superb. There are artworks that we do not put on the scanner bed: Pastels being the main art style that we photograph due to the danger of pastel offsetting onto the scan bed, which is something that neither we or the artist would appreciate. We still obtain large files and fine detail through techniques we have developed over the years and have many talented pastel artists amongst our discerning clientele.

However If you would rather supply your own digital files that's fine by us, all we would ask is that you read through our few pointers to the origination of the digital files here on our digital files page . You may upload your files directly to us using our file upload service which will accept up to 2 GB files and/or 20 files at any one time, it's free, secure and easy to use.

We also scan transparencies and negatives (from 35mm up to 10" x 8").

For more info contact
01223 834411 or e-mail us at info@photoartgb.com
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About Us

photoArt GB was established in 2005 by Gary Jeffrey and Bob Law, the GB in photoArt GB!
With many years experience of image handling gained in the traditional photographic darkrooms behind them, Gary and Bob have transferred their knowledge and skills to the digital arena. photoArt GB prides itself in the level of personal friendly service provided, and we're always happy to talk through your specific requirements with you, tailoring our services to each individual clients needs.

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